Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Starting Again From Scratch

It came to my attention recently that I don't actually have a personal computer that is set up with a working development environment.  As a lifelong geek and programmer, this came as rather a surprise to me!

The last time I had my own computer which had a properly configured development environment was about 3 years ago.  Unfortunately, this PC died a surprising death (after losing the magic smoke from two graphics cards, I thought I was done... until the PSU died, and took my primary hard drive with it!)

Since then, I've done quite a few personal development projects, but none has required me to set up a new development environment:

  • My PHP Integration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 was "close enough" to work that I felt no qualms about setting up an IDE on my company laptop
  • My Pebble.JS app for Remember the Milk was developed using CloudPebble, as was the One Minute Chord trainer I started, so I didn't need to set up anything for that...
  • My work on nicercast and AirSonos were both quick tweaks done using vi on a Raspberry Pi (and some parts directly on GitHub), so no need for a development platform
  • My most recent work on Node.JS modules for the LCDd and the Sonos was all done using the online IDE Cloud9

Recent events have shown me that I do rather need a personal laptop that I can use for development, so I'm starting again with setting up a development platform.
My target is to be able to work on any of my existing GitHub projects easily from a single IDE - or at least from one laptop - as well as to be able to use that laptop for any future projects.

Of course, I've failed at the first hurdle, since my starting point is a Windows 10 PC, and my first project will be an iOS app using Xcode on my wife's MacBook Pro!

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